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  Gustaf O.E. Arnoldsson, Managing Member
Gustaf Arnoldsson graduated from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. with a Bachelors degree in International business in ‘96. After graduating, Gustaf spent 3 years at Champion International Corp. as an international accounts manager before joining Dresdner Bank’s Private Banking group for a 2 year stint as Country Manager for Ecuador in 2000. Later, he joined Gator Investments, as Director of Maintenance. At Gator, a real estate company specializing in the ownership, development, management, and leasing of income producing properties with over 118 properties consisting of 8M sq.ft. in 22 states, Gustaf was involved in all facets of commercial real estate from purchasing, leasing, managing, and financing a portfolio of over 20 properties, totaling over 1.5M sq.ft. in 12 states.  In 2002, Gustaf started North Shore Holdings L.L.C. and since then he has generated over +25 Commercial Real Estate transactions totaling +$20 Million and currently owns 16 Commercial Properties in South Florida.

Email: Gustaf@StonemasonPartners.com
Tel: +1-305-975-6020

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  Orlando Perez, Broker and Director of Leasing
Orlando Perez graduated from Florida International University with his Bachelors in Management and International Business in 2003.  At the age of 17, Orlando began working with various banking institutions such as SunTrust Bank, Dresdner Bank Latin America, and Lloyds TSB Bank.  After 8 years of cumulative knowledge gained in banking, Orlando then decided to bring his financial expertise and experience to the Mortgage Industry where he began his career as a Mortgage Broker and quickly moved up the ranks to join Countrywide Home Loans.  For the past 3 years, Orlando managed to continually Fund over 25 million dollars in mortgages annually, while building lasting relationships with realtors, builders, community leaders, and consumers. At the same time, Orlando Perez practiced general Real Estate by attaining his Real Estate license in 2005 and negotiating and closing over 5 million dollars worth of Real Estate transactions. Orlando joined the group of companies on October 6, 2008 as its Leasing and Maintenance Manager and is responsible for the day to day leasing and maintenance.

Email: Orlando@StonemasonRealty.com
Tel: +1-305-336-7513

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